Dog Tags

CTWSI is excited to announce the return of Dog tags to Watertown for Summer 2022 thanks to the generous donations from the Community Foundation!

The Dog Tag program is for kids ages 4 – 13 to use during summer vacation for unlimited rides!

Tags go on sale on May 1st for $60 per tag – only 60 tags will be sold. Tags can be used starting on May 26, 2022 with the final day of use on August 24, 2022.

Masks will NOT be required!

  • Please have your child ready approximately 20 minutes before their scheduled ride. The driver may be a few minutes early or a few minutes late, but they can only wait 3 minutes.
  • If your child does not come out and the bus moves on – this is considered a “No Show”. If we have to go back to pick up the child, we will do so as time permits, but the child will still have to pay for the original no show – these cannot be paid for using the dog tags – they must be paid for via cash, check, or token.
  • Please explain to your child that when we are picking them up from their destination to come straight to the bus.
  • It is your responsibility to contact the transit regarding any changes to the child’s schedule.
  • When dropping children off at home or daycare, a wave at the front door from you or your daycare provider assures drivers of your child’s safety, unless other arrangements have been made with the Transit
  • Rides are scheduled with 30 minute windows – this means that pickups are scheduled 30 minutes before the child needs to be somewhere because it could take 30 minutes for the child to get to their destination. Please be aware of this when scheduling your child’s rides when they are going from one event to the other and have multiple places in a day.
  • Rides must be scheduled before 3pm the business day before (Mon-Fri). Monday trips must be scheduled by 3pm on Friday.
  • Dog tags are non-refundable – if your child loses their tag, we cannot issue another one.
  • Dog tags must be shown to the driver when getting on the bus.