Type of Service

Bus # 77Watertown Area Transit offers curb-to-curb service. The transit bus will pick you up at the curb of the requested location and drop you at the requested destination location curb.

Please be ready and watching for the bus. The bus will arrive within 15-30 minutes of your appointment time. The distance of travel involved usually requires at approximately 15 minutes of travel time from your residence to the destination location in order to arrive promptly at the scheduled time.

The bus drivers plan for and try to operate an efficient and prompt service on daily routes. Therefore it is important that riders be ready and waiting during this window of time out of courtesy for all riders and the bus driver. Buses will not be able to wait extended periods of time as this will make each subsequent trip late for scheduled appointments.

A return trip will need to be serviced later as route schedules permit.

For information on services or to schedule a ride call the Watertown Area Transit during office hours at (605) 882-5287.


 Wheelchair Accessibilitywheelchair-access
Most buses have wheelchair accessibility

Medicaid Provider 
Watertown Area Transit is a Medicaid provider. medicalContact the Transit Office at (605) 882-5287 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM for details on how you can obtain Medicaid services. Medicaid services are subject to the guidelines of the Medicaid office. Terms and conditions may vary due to applicable rules and regulations of the trip provided to each individual customer. As a general rule, trips for payment for Medicaid services are from home to doctor, doctor to doctor and from doctor back to home. Any trip not paid by Medicaid services will be subject to billing and payment to Watertown Area Transit, Inc.

Nutrition Services
Daily trips can be scheduled for nutrition berriesprograms to the Watertown Senior Activity  Center by calling (605) 882-5287 a day in advance by 3:00 p.m.

The schedule for nutrition services is daily dinner at 11:30 AM. In addition, throughout the day there are numerous other activities.  A return trip from the Center can be scheduled when you are done.

For details on the schedule for the Watertown Senior Activity Center call (605) 882-6260.
Online at: http://www.watertownparkandrec.com

Special Services
Rides are provided free of charge to public polls on voting day by votecalling the Watertown Area Transit at (605) 882-5287.

For those 60 years of age and older there is a suggested donation.  The lower rate always applies for public transportation rides.

Medical Trips
Currently, through partnership with Prairie Lakes Hospital, prairie-lakesmedical trips within the immediate service area are free to passengers. These include appointments with optometrists, doctors, dentists, physical therapists, psychologists, etc.