CTWSI has a Request for Proposal for a Human Resources consultant/consulting firm – full RFP can be found here.

Federal clauses can be found here.

Federal Mask Mandates have been extended through 3/18/2022
For more information, please click here for the press release and here for the general TSA guidelines regarding COVID.

Protocol for Masks and Riding Public Transit
  1. All riders must wear a mask when riding in/on a Community Transit of Watertown/Sisseton vehicle. This applies to all 12 CTWSI locations.
  2. If you do not have a mask, you may purchase one from the driver for $1.00 – If you do not have a mask/choose not to purchase a mask, then you will not be transported by CTWSI drivers.
  3. This action stems from Federal Mask Mandate issued by the Transportation Security Administration which requires all users of public transit in the United States to wear masks when traveling by air, rail and public transit.

EXCEPTION: First time youth offenders only, will be given a mask and parents will be notified. They will pay from that point forward or they will not ride.

Dispatchers will tell all people making reservations of the change in protocol before booking the trip.

Offenders will be charged as a No-Show.

If we fail to enforce this mandate, we could lose federal funding that is critical to keeping our services running. We apologize to everyone for this inconvenience.


All Community Transit of Watertown/Sisseton, Inc. locations are now providing FREE rides for clients getting their COVID -19 vaccine immunizations. Call any of our locations for more information and/or to book a ride.
CTWSI Locations
Watertown 882-5287
Sisseton 698-7511
Britton 228-0862
Webster 265-0372
Campbell County 848-4417
Eureka 848-2750
Faulkton – 228-7938
Groton – 397-8661
Lennox 496-4069
Milbank 432-4866
Bowdle 281-0456
Redfield 472-1552

COVID-19 Situation Statement

As the country continues to battle for control over the COVID-19 virus, Community Transit of Watertown/Sisseton, Inc. (CTWSI) and the other 21 public transportation units in the state are dedicated to provide safe and affordable transportation while working diligently to keep staff and riders safe from this virus.

Every location is handling circumstances and situations to the best of their abilities with one thing in mind – SAFETY.

CTWSI asks all users of the transit system to refrain from using our service if they have a cough, have a fever or are experiencing shortness of breath. If they answer yes to these symptoms, we will ask the rider to seek other modes of transportation. Our goal is to continue to transport as many people who need the rides to their desired destination without posing a health threat to other riders and/or drivers.

Drivers in all locations will be wearing masks. All passengers are also required to wear masks – please make every effort to bring your own. If you do not have one, they will be available on each bus/van.

Drivers, dispatchers and members of the administrative team – are being asked to stay home if they are sick for any reason and seek medical attention as needed.

All employees are required to practice good hygiene at home and on duty. This includes frequent and thorough washing of hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, use of hand sanitizer as needed and to clean hard surfaces and equipment in the respective offices.

Changes and updates are occurring often so be prepared. As always feel free to call your local transit provider number for details.


Team Mate Wanted
Do you like helping people? Do you like driving? Are you looking for part-time work? Community Transit of Watertown/Sisseton Inc. is looking for the right person to fill a part-time driver position. This person would be neat and clean in appearance, have a safe driving record, have a positive attitude and willing to perform duties in all kinds of weather. Pay begins at $12/hr without CDL or $13/hr with a CDL and passenger endorsement. On the job training is available to obtain your CDL with passenger endorsement. For more information or to pick up an application, stop by our office at 205 1st Ave NE – or click here.


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